Sun Savers - Money Saving Apps

SAVING money can be hard work - but these apps take the pain out of putting away the pennies.

Smartphone apps have the tools and technology to take the hassle out of frugal living.

One of our savvy shoppers, Sophia Moir, tells us how she saved £10/week thanks to the apps listed below. We hope they can save you money too!

1. Monzo. I’ve always liked to see what I’m spending, so I used to print out my bank accounts and colour coordinate my outgoings into categories with multi-coloured highlighters. Now, Monzo does all that for me. It used to be a prepaid card but it’s since become a fully-fledged bank account - but I still treat it like a prepaid card. I top it up with my monthly budget from my main bank account, set myself targets for categories like groceries, eating out and shopping, and I’m alerted to what I’ve spent. I’ve got my weekly food shopping budget down to £40/week - it used to be £50, saving me £10 a week!
Monzo is FREE for iOS and Android devices.

2. Cashback apps. I’ve really got into cashback in the last six months, as it’s something our Sun Savers community swear by to save money. Apps like TopCashback and Quidco allow you to earn money back on your shopping when you visit a website via their app, and so far I’ve made £16 via cashback. However you can also get up to 100% cashback on in-store purchases, through apps like CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap, which is worthwhile for your supermarket shopping. I’ve earnt 100% cashback on a FAGE Total Greek Yoghurt 170g from Morrison’s - saving me £1 on my shopping.
All the cashback apps listed here are FREE for iOS and Android devices.

3. O2 Priority. New offers for O2 customers are presented each week e.g. £5 mains at Pizza Express, free wine competitions, and half-price deals on beauty gift sets. I often use the app for the complimentary hot drink at Caffe Nero on Tuesdays. You can get any size for FREE, so you may as well go large - saving you up to £2.75 on a large Caffe Mocha. Plus, you get a loyalty stamp for your free drink - so after 10 stamps, you'll get your 11th hot drink free too. Free drinks subject to availability.
O2 Priority is FREE to download for O2 customers, on iOS and Android devices.

4. Depop and PayPal. I use the Depop shopping app to sell clothes that I no longer wear, and then I transfer my earnings into the PayPal app as it’s a secure payment, and it means I have protection when buying and selling. Note that as a buyer, you’ll be charged a 10% Depop fee plus 3.4% + £0.20 PayPal transaction fee on your item, so it’s worth selling more expensive items to get your money’s worth. I’ve earned more than £200 over the past six months on Depop, selling everything from gym leggings to glittery clutch bags, of which I’ve funnelled into PayPal and saved to move house.
Depop and PayPal are both FREE to download on iOS and Android devices.

5. Stocard. I have a ton of loyalty cards, but it’s often too much hassle to rummage through my purse to get my hands on them, meaning I’m missing out on all those points! I reckon I’ve missed out on at least a fiver of freebies because I could never find the right card. Our Sun Savers members recommended Stocard to me at our Super Users event recently, and I can see why. It’s a digital wallet for your loyalty cards, and I’ve added everything from my Nectar and Morrisons More cards, to my Matalan and TK Maxx cards. At the till, just hand the cashier the barcode from the app, and your points will add like normal. Watch your points add up, saving the pennies to spend on what you like.
Stocard is FREE for iOS and Android devices.

6. Switchcraft. Switching energy provider takes ages and you have to do it every time your plan comes to an end. Get £5 cash back with Sun Savers when you switch energy suppliers with Switchcraft. They'll have you on the best deal, forever!

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