Dragonboat Festival 2019

Are you ready to race the dragon?

Pulse 1Pulse 2 with Bradford Council are taking on a challenge to remember as we thrash it out on the river aire with one mission to achieve... the Bradford Dragon Boat Festival 2019!

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Join us and thousands of other people as we celebrate the Bradford Dragon Boat Festival at Roberts Park, Saltaire from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June with all monies raised going to good causes.

Not only that Pulse 1Pulse 2 will be taking part on Saturday 22nd June in the race with some friends of the station! See who's made it into the boat!

Pulse 1 Boat

CAPTAIN Henry Winter (News Man Henry)
Henry tells us what you can expect on the day here...

Alex Tate (Pulse 1 Head of Digital)
Paul Hepworth (Pulse 1 Digital Designer)
Tony McKenzie (Pulse 1 Content Controller)
Jeanette Broadbent (Station Support)
Anthony Robinson
Clare Bennett
Fay Walker
James Barwick
Jamie Humpheson
Joel Gartland
Jon MacDonald
Karl Robinson
Nyomi Bates
James Draper
Terry Parkinson
William Reynolds

Pulse 2 Boat



Jacqui Blay (Pulse 2 Presenter)
Roger Cutsforth (Station Director)
Martin Smith (Sales Director)
Luke Watson (Sponsorship Executive)
Lindsay Rawson (Account Director)
Simon Burns (Account Executive)
Gary Jones (Yes, the Bradford City Legend)
Angela Brearley
Diane McGuiness
Jonny Lonsdale
Simon Wilde
Kelly Parr
Nadine Ferris-eamer
Steve the Shirt
Stuart Devine
Inoke Naioko
Lisa Myers
Sarah Shackleton-Ward

It's not too late to still get involved with this years Dragon Boat Festival with places still available on Sunday 23rd June, find out more here

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