Bad School Parking Parents Top Bugbear

Families in West Yorkshire say they're being blighted by dangerous parking.

People who live on a road near Bingley say parking is a huge problem around school times.

It comes after a study said that 84% of parents believe more needs to be done to tackle dangerous parkers.

Residents say that parking has been an issue for a while and parents don't have any consideration for the people who live on the road.

A resident from the road said: "It gets difficult to go out, the road gets blocked, parents park across the drive and are generally just not very thoughtful towards us."

Another person said: "It's shocking actually, it's terrible. Also, the emergency services, when the road is blocked they won't be able to get yes it is a problem.

"I'd like it to be policed, it needs to be patrolled and parents need to come and monitor what’s going on."

According to the residents, their bins haven't been collected on multiple occasions because they couldn't fit the lorry up the road, due to it being blocked by cars double parking.

One person said: "It's not an inconvenience it's actually a danger, it would be so easy for a child to get hurt."

West Yorkshire police have recently set up an initiative with schools and Bradford District Council following complaints from residents, parents and schools across the district.

Sergeant Adrian Wright, who led the initiative at Bradford District, said: "We hope that the motorists who we have spoken to, as well as others who may have seen our activities, are giving more thought to where they park when they pick up and drop off their children.

"We will be continuing to monitor schools for parking problems and will take further action against those who continue to park inconsiderately or cause an obstruction."

The residents of this road hope the success of initiative means it can spread further across the district and to the school near them to tackle the bad parking.

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