Bradford torture gang found guilty

WARNING: Contains distressing details

A Bradford gang has been convicted for the torture and murder of Mohammed Feazan Ayaz in the early hours of 1 July 2019.

The judge returned unanimous guilty verdicts against Raheel Khan, Suleman Khan and  Robert Wainwright, were all found guilty of murder and Shoaib Shafiq and a 17 year old youth who cannot be named for legal reasons were convicted of assisting an offender at Bradford Crown Court on 10 March.

 The gang attacked Mohammed Ayaz in an industrial unit in Bradford, where they tortured him and beat him to death, before wrapping him in a shower curtain and dumping his naked body in Saffron Drive, Allerton.

The defendants set about  Ayaz in the early hours of 1 July 2019 kicking and stamping on his head, urinating on him, inflicting multiple blunt force blows to his head, and lacerations to his body. Parts of the attack were filmed. The post mortem revealed 70 separate injuries, and his death was due to a massive head injury caused by the accumulation of blows and stamps to the head.

The motive appears to have been that Mohammed Ayaz had been given a mobile which contained footage of Raheel Khan having sex. Ayaz is said to have taunted Khan, who, feeling humiliated led the attack on the victim in revenge.

Michael Quinn from the CPS said:

“Over the course of several hours, he was systematically and sadistically beaten to death on a concrete floor. He was stripped naked by his captors, he was tortured and humiliated, and he was beaten for the entertainment of those present.  

“On several occasions they used their mobile telephones to film him in his torment, capturing even a moment in which he begged them to just let him die. The defendants have now been found guilty and will be sentenced tomorrow. Our thoughts remain with the victim’s family and friends, as they have been throughout.”


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