Bronte Book Returns To Haworth

The Bronte Society won the 'little book' in an auction with the help of donations.

One of Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Little Books’ is on its way home after the Bronte Society secured it in an auction in Paris yesterday for 600,000 plus auction fees.

The Bronte’s are known worldwide but had humble beginnings in the local town of Haworth which is where the book is headed and will be on display in the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

The little book is one of six written in 1830 by Charlotte Bronte when she was only 14-years-old; with only five having survived.

With this latest addition, the museum will finally be able to show all 5 little books as a completed collection.

In an effort to help them secure the book, the Bronte Society created a fundraising appeal which gained over 1,000 supporters and collectively rose over £80,000.

They have since tweeted about the success of the auction and have thanked the staff at the museum, as well as all those who helped and supported them.

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