Cancer Warning Over Persistant Coughs

A Hebden Bridge cancer survivor is joining calls for people to be more aware of symptoms.

Public Health England have launched a Be Clear On Cancer awareness campaign- and this year the focus is on symptoms that we're not worrying about enough. 

They say that breathlessness & a persistent cough may seem like minor concerns but they may also be signs of some of the leading causes of death in West Yorkshire. 

Many of us would urge friends and family to visit a GP with these symptoms, but we're less concerned when it comes to our own health.

A woman from Hebden Bridge who survived lung cancer is also supporting the camapign.

Shan Evans, Supporter of Roy Castle Lung Foundation says; "I was diagnosed with lung cancer after I'd been to see my GP about a cough I had had for four weeks. Luckily, I was diagnosed at an early stage which made it much more treatable, I am now cancer-free and feel fitter than ever! If you have had a cough for three weeks or more then get it checked out. I have seen first-hand how much of a difference an early diagnosis can make."

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