Could You Be A Victim Of Modern Day Slavery?

Students set up to campaign for End IT Movement at Huddersfield University.

West Yorkshire police are urging for people to lookout for modern day slavery in their colleagues.

West Yorkshire Police have launched a campaign to try to identity and prevent slavery in the workplace. Many victims who fall into modern day slavery do not often identify themselves as someone who needs help, with many of them not even knowing they are under slavery.

Modern slavery is when someone is under duress to work and or is treated like they are owned, this is potentially the person who initiates the jobs, housing, and food and controls the amount of money that each person receives from every job and the amount of freedom they get.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and crime Commissioner who is also the Associations of Police and Crime Commissioners lead on Modern Slavery says ‘’We must look towards a mechanism that allows us to monitor the compliance of businesses and ways to enforce this in a horrible way.’’

He also says ‘‘There has already been much discussion at a strategic level between Police and Crime Commissioners and various stakeholders, specifically in terms of which sectors it applies to and which body is responsible.’’

There are many forms of workplace slavery which include forced labour, bonded labour and human trafficking which involves transportation, recruiting and exploiting people by using violence and threatening ways.

The campaign ‘Modern Slavery- Not in my Workplace?’ is urging colleagues to look for signs that their colleagues could have possibly fallen victim to modern day slavery. These include;

-Requirements to pay for tools

-Told to keep isolated and not speak to anyone else

-Being transported in a van or vehicle at the same time and place every day.

-Few or no breaks

-Left with little to eat and drink.

The usual work conditions for victims are poor and dangerous with no protective wear to keep them safe putting their health at risk. Many are still forced to work even if they have faced any injuries from the poor work conditions.

7th February is the national ‘Shine a Light on Slavery’ day that is part of the ‘End IT Movement’ which through social media platforms has created viral campaigns being led by influencers and athletes to create a trend of drawing a red ‘X’ on the back of their hands to raise awareness on the issue and show their support for the cause.

The campaign focuses to ‘generate global mass awareness’ surrounding slavery and to alert people on the fact that slavery still exist today. With the date nearing many have already begun to campaign and show their support for the cause by wearing their branded t-shirts and campaigning outside of universities and town centres with posters to create a wide spread of knowledge on the issue and the organisation

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