'Dry January' Uptake In West Yorkshire Up By A Third

The number of people expected to stay off alcohol this month has increased on last year.

More people in West Yorkshire are expected to give 'Dry January' a go this year, compared to last year.

The charity Alcohol Change UK believes the number of people attempting it in our region has increased by a third.

Taking place annually, the campaign encourages people to give up alcohol completely for the month of January.

In general, people who give up alcohol for one to two weeks report better quality of sleep, and see improvements in their skin.

According to Drinkaware, drinking alcohol helps people to drop off to sleep quicker, but it prevents the body staying in deep sleep and entering REM cycles (rapid eye movement). This means while a glass of wine might send you to sleep, it'll make you groggy the next day too.

Reducing alcohol intake could also benefit your skin, as it's a diuretic, meaning it makes you dehydrated. Cutting back will help your skin and eyes to sparkle.

Many people report weight loss, as the empty calories of alcohol are replaced with lower calorie alternatives, and saving money when they don't get tied into rounds at the pub.

Andrew Misell from Alcohol Change UK said:

"Dry January is a campaign we've been running since back in 2013, and I can remember when it started off it was a very small campaign, but it's become a national phenomenon and is really part of the national conversation during January.

"If you think you can't do it, you may well be exactly the sort of person who should give it a go. It's perhaps a bit worrying for any of us to think that we can't manage 31 days without alcohol, that we've become that reliant on it."

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