First 'MONOPOLY: Huddersfield Edition' Property Spaces Announced

Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 will be on the 'chance' squares!

Makers of the new Huddersfield Monopoly board have confirmed we'll be able to buy the town's football club - twice! 

Both Huddersfield Town and the John Smith's Stadium will have property spaces when the much-anticipated game hits shop shelves next month.

The football club, where the MONOPOLY: Huddersfield Edition board will be officially launched on October 19th, will feature on a pink spot (Northumberland Avenue from the game’s London classic original) in a sports set, which they will head up.
The John Smith’s Stadium - where the Terriers and Huddersfield Giants play - also gets to star on the board on a dark blue spot (Park Lane from the game’s original).
The new game will see famous locations from the London original such as Mayfair and Park Lane updated to iconic landmarks of Huddersfield. More than 30 Huddersfield landmarks and favourites will be Passing GO. Castle Hill, the Emley Moor mast and Felix the Railway Cat have each been reported as heavily likely to feature on the board – and in prominent positions too. Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 will feature on the 'chance' spaces.

Sean Jarvis, Commercial Director of Huddersfield Town, says: “We’re delighted that both Huddersfield Town and the John Smith’s Stadium have landed prominently in the town’s new official version of MONOPOLY.

“Both the Club and the Stadium are huge parts of Huddersfield and we’re sure that they will be very popular properties on the board.”

The board will be available from October 19th.

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