Heavy Snow Hits West Yorkshire

The Met Office have a yellow weather warning in place, which covers West Yorkshire.

Travel will be disrupted, vehicles could get stranded and trains and planes could face delays and cancellations, the Met Office has warned.

Some rural communities could even be cut off in parts of the country and power supplies might also be affected.

Cyclists are also being told to look out for thick sheets of ice left untreated on roads, pavements and paths.

The culprit is a band of rain arriving from the Atlantic tomorrow, which will collide with icy air right over the UK.

The atmospheric impact will be snow dumping all over Britain.

Around 1cm to 3cm (1.2in) of snow is expected to accumulate "quite widely," the Met Office said, with the possibility of 5cm (1.9in) to 10cm (3.9in) falling on higher ground.

And it will not be the only time Britain will see snow this week, with more on the way on Thursday night, forecasters say.

Met Office forecaster Ellie Creed said: "It's a case of normal wintry hazards that we would expect - snow, ice, frost are going to be quite prevalent over the next few days."

In northern England, temperatures could plummet to around -3C (26.6F), with some areas in the south "hovering around zero".

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