Hundreds March Against Plans To Install Incinerator Next To Sowerby Bridge School

Calder Valley Skip Hire are building the site there.

Hundreds of people have marched through Sowerby Bridge to protest against plans to install a waste incinerator in the town.

Plans are in place to install the incinerator just 200 metres away from Bolton Brow Academy.

Calder Valley Skip Hire are building the site there.

Calderdale Council say they will consider the planning applications, for two incinerators, on merit and they must follow environmental regulations.

Parents are angry though and say the smoke put out by the plant will damage children's health at the school.

Adrian Mitchell, a parent on the march, told Pulse 1 & Pulse 2: "As soon as I saw how close it was going to be, it instantly caused concern for me.

"If there is going to be polution coming out from this, it's going to be coming into my children's playground."

Calder Valley Skip Hire say the incinerators will not harm people's health.

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