Ilkley Company Gets Larger People Into Cycling

'Fat Lad At The Back' are working to make the sport accessible for all.

A West Yorkshire- based company say they're seeing great success in their drive to get larger people into cycling.

Ilkley's Fat Lad at the Back specialises in cycle gear for larger people, and aims to make cyclists feel more confident, regardless of their size. 

The clothes are available up to 5XL in size, and have both men and womens garments, to try and get everyone into the sport.

The brand also has its own community on social media- with devotees regularly helping each others with problems- and organising community- based events.

Co-founder Lynn Bye says "The idea sprang up a few years ago, my husband is a bigger guy and could never find gear that fits- and said there must be others like him out there- so we said we would set up a cycle wear company."

"One of the biggest barriers for exercise for larger people is not knowing what to wear, feeling like they don't look like everyone else- so giving them garments that look and feel right really helps with the battle."

"The community is brilliant, they always have encouragement and positive words, so it's a great way of getting more people onto bikes and more people active."


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