Many West Yorkshire Women 'Too Embarrassed' To Exercise

Sport England have found 1 in 3 are too worried what others may think.

A new survey by Sport England has found 33% of women from West Yorkshire worry about what people think about them when they exercise.

They say females here are concerned about being red faced, sweaty, out of time, jiggly, super-fast or super slow.
This Girl Can, commissioned by Sport England say that whilst they've inspired 2.8m women to get their kit on since the campaign launched in 2015, there's still a lot more to do.

Their survey found;
- 75 per cent of women say they would like to be more active but 33 per cent of women here -  say they worry about what other people think about them when they exercise. 
- This 'fear of judgment' stops being women being active, this can be around appearance, ability and priorities.
- Over a quarter of women in Yorkshire do less than 30 mins moderate exercise per week.
"We're proud that This Girl Can has inspired millions of women since we launched but this is just the start. Fewer women are still active than men, even though most of them would like to be more active", says Jennie Price, CEO of Sport England. "We know many women feel judged - about how they look, how good or bad they are or what other people say about how they spend their time. These worries stop women being as active as they want to be. We can't make those feelings go away completely but by showing women of all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability being active in a way that works for them, we're helping more women build the confidence not to care about what others think."


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