Mental Health Service Launched For Bradford's "Forgotten Women"

Women who don't speak English well are being helped by a new campaign.

A new mental health service is being set up for Bradford's "forgotten women". 

Inspired Neighbourhoods is establishing a recovery-based model to its mental health support service, for individuals referred by their GP, NHS provider or similar. Organisers hope that not only will this provide a service to the individuals, it will take some of the treatment burden off local NHS. 

Inspired Neighbourhoods is working in partnership with Bradford City Council and local NHS to fund and resource Inspired And Active Minds, which is designed principally for women from non-UK backgrounds for whom English is a second or third language and who are unfamiliar with navigating through health and welfare services. 

Cultural and historical backgrounds also play a part in feelings of isolation and mental well-ness. For a start, "mental wellbeing" might not be even recognised as a health condition in their society. Also, traditionally, women are often mostly involved in domestic duties and so have little opportunity for discovering and discussing their condition outside the home. 

The launch of the Inspired And Active Minds mental health service will provide Inspired Neighbourhoods the opportunity to embark upon a longer-term strategy of information and education, not only among those sectors of the community that are directly impacted by mental health issues, but to the wider population as a whole. 

Dr. Wafaa Nawaz, Health Lead at Inspired Neighbourhoods, who will be managing the Inspired And Active Minds mental health project, says: "We want to de-stigmatize mental health by putting the issue into context by showing the wider effects and manifestations of mental health issues across all of society." 

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