Real Time Adverts For Blood Donation In Bradford

Digital advertising screens in and around Bradford will show statistics, and powerful real-life images of people whose lives have been saved through blood donation.

The advertising company Clear Channel has donated free advertising space and it's dynamic delivery technology, to help NHS Blood recruit young blood donors in Bradford. Their digital screens will from today, show real-time updates on how many blood donation appointments are available at the city's Manor Row donor centre.

The screens will also show 'hard hitting' statistics and 'powerful' real-life images of people who's lives have been saved from blood donation. Creative communications company 23red came up with the campaign.

At the moment, only 1`.7% of people aged 17-34 in Bradford regularly donate blood. Most who do donate are aged over 45. NHS Blood and Transplant needs around 1,100 new blood donors of all ages over the year. 

The displays will give daily statistics on how many appointments are available and say exactly how many metres away the nearest blood centre is to help people understand how quick and simple it is to donate, as past research has shown that younger people feel 'time-poor'.

Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation for NHS Blood and Transplant said: "Many young people walk through the city centre every day but don't realise how easy and simple it is to give blood in Bradford.

"Registering to donate online only takes a few minutes. We aim to have you in and out within an hour but the actual donation itself should take 5-10 minutes - then it's time for free drinks and biscuits.

"We are very grateful to 23red and Clear Channel for creating powerful, innovative modern adverts for blood donation that will grab people's attention. 

"Each blood donation can save up to three lives and the donor centre in Bradford is a great place to make your first donation."

Clear Channel said that they have never done a campaign like this before, due to the real-time data from the NHS Blood and Transplant.

Louise Stubbings, Creative Director at Clear Channel, said: "This campaign is the gold standard for outdoor advertising - perfect targeting, alongside a relevant message for the audience, and beautiful engaging visuals. We're exceptionally proud to be working with NHS Blood and Transplant and 23red on this campaign, which will make a real difference in saving lives thanks to donors in Bradford."

Clear Channel are displaying the blood donation appeals for three weeks near donor centres in Birmingham, Bradford, Gloucester, Leeds, Liverpool, Poole, Sheffield, and London's West End

For more information, or to book an appointment to donate go to


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