#SpeakShareSTOP: 30% Of Us Bullied In The Workplace

New research has been done by training company Byrne Dean.

A third of people in West Yorkshire have been a victim of workplace bullying, yet two-thirds aren't reporting it to their boss.

A new study's been done by training company Byrne Dean. They believe for 54% of people, bullying led to depression, marriage breakdowns and even suicidal thoughts.

More than a quarter admitted they would not report bullying to their line manager because they believed it wouldn't be taken seriosuly.

The research has coincided with the launch of Pulse 1 & Pulse 2's Speak, Share, STOP anti-bullying campaign.

Victoria Lewis is the chief executive of Byrne Dean. She told Pulse 1 & Pulse 2: "The vast majority of people suffer in silence but people are only going to speak up if they know they are going to be taken seriously.

"The way to really reduce to lessen the impact of bullying in the workplace is to provide training for everyone."

You can listen to Victoria Lewis speaking to our reporter James Crossling below:

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