Anniversary Of Valley Parade Fire Marked

The memorial service in Centenary Square

It is 32 years since the blaze claimed the lives of 56 football supporters.

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the Bradford City fire disaster at Valley Parade.

A service, starting at 11am, has held on Thursday to remember the 56 victims of the fire.

It was conducted by the chaplain to Bradford City, Reverend Andy Greiff and the Lord Mayor's chaplain Reverend Canon Sarah Jemison and supported by the Venerable Andy Jolley, Archdeacon of Bradford.

The fire killed 56 people and injured a further 265, during a league match against Lincoln in front of record numbers of spectators.

The service, which was attended by the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives, or were injured, as well as local people, took place at the Bradford City Fire Memorial sculpture in Centenary Square.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Geoff Reid, said: "It is extremely important to the city and the district that we take time out of our busy lives to remember those who were affected and continue to be affected by the tragic events of Saturday 11 May 1985.

"This act of remembrance is so poignant each year and is even more so this year, due to the loss of Gerald Hodges, one of the three trustees who helped set up the Bradford City fire charitable trust, who died in April this year."

A memorial service has been held at the Memorial statue in the city centre each year since the fire.

Listen below to our special tribute to the victims of the disaster from 2015;


Below are some pictures from the memorial event 2017.


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