Unattended Communal Bins In Kirklees "Disgusting"

Overflowing communal bins in Rawthorpe, Huddersfield.

It's after communal bins in the district were “left uncollected for a month”.

Communal waste bins overflowing with stinking trash went uncollected in Huddersfield for four weeks.

Residents of Heys View in Rawthorpe took to dragging the heavy metal containers onto the street in an attempt to encourage binmen to empty them.

They were eventually collected – but only after Kirklees Council was prompted by a call from the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

It is the third such incident reported by the LDRS in recent weeks, and the third time that the authority has acted speedily.

A resident of Heys View said complaints had not been heeded and that the malodorous eyesore had become a health hazard.

Speaking on Monday (15/7) one woman, a 30-year-old mother with a five-year-old child, said: “It’s happened on numerous occasions before but not for as long as this.

“Binmen normally come on a Monday. They haven’t been today, so that’s the fourth week in a row that we’ve had to put up with this.

“It’s disgusting, it smells awful and it’s unhygienic.”

The flats, off Rawthorpe Lane, are occupied by people of different ages including children and the disabled.

The young mum, who asked not to be named, said she was concerned that her child and others could find their way into the bins area where, due to missed collections, maggots have been found previously.

She said she and her neighbours are also concerned about the risk of vermin.

“It’s horrible. And because the bins are full people have started putting their bags of rubbish on the ground.

“It’s become a joke now. The council sent a woman out but even thought she took a look, nothing has been done.

“We’re all angry.”

Binmen collected the bins the morning after the LDRS contacted Kirklees Council.

Last month a resident reported bins overflowing with waste outside a hostel at School Lane in Paddock, Huddersfield.

The issue was raised with local councillor Sheikh Ullah by the LDRS and within two days the waste had been bagged for collection.

On another occasion in June a Kirklees bin advisor was caught on CCTV entering a young mum’s garden to seize her recycling bin – whilst she was in her home.

After the 24-year-old complained to the LDRS that her bin had been contaminated by rubbish from a nearby take-away, the council returned her bin to her property.

Kirklees Council was approached to comment.

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