Unbelievable Jeff! Former Bradford City Boss Pokes Fun At Police E-Fit Doppelganger

Chris Kamara urged people not to be alarmed as he donned some construction gear in an apparent nod to a doppelganger police e-fit.

When Cleethorpes Community Policing Team posted an image on Facebook of a suspect they were pursuing for trying to force his way into a house, football fans might have been forgiven for wondering what the Sky Sports presenter had found himself getting up to during the off-season.

One Facebook user, Ben Horrocks, commented on the amusing picture to advise officers to "ring Chris Kamara, he might help", while another inevitably wrote "unbelievable Jeff" in a reference to his Soccer Saturday catchphrase.

Seemingly well aware of the striking resemblance, Kamara posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing a similar hard hat to the one sported by the suspect.

The former Leeds United, Swindon Town and Brentford player added: "Please don't be alarmed if you see me out and about this afternoon - I am working."

Some followers, seemingly unaware of the original e-fit, suggested he was auditioning for the Village People.

Police are still looking for the suspect, with the alleged incident said to have taken place in Trinity Road in Cleethorpes, a seaside resort near Grimsby, on 13 June.

Their e-fit is not the first - and will surely not be the last - to attract mockery on social media, with criminals resembling cartoon characters Desperate Dan and the Cheshire Cat among the most notorious.

Kamara also followed Friends actor David Schwimmer in poking fun at a police appeal, with the US star having posted a video "proving" he was not behind an alleged theft carried out by a lookalike in Blackpool last year.

The real suspect, Iranian Addulah Husseini, later appeared in court to face a string of fraud and theft offences.

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