Volunteers Needed To Help Keep People Safe On Nights Out

West Yorkshire 'Street Angels' are looking for more recruits to provide care and assistance to vulnerable locals.

More volunteers are needed to help keep people on nights out in West Yorkshire safe.

That's the calls from charity 'Street Angels' who have patrols in several places, including Leeds, Halifax and Bradford to help protect vulnerable people.

If someone has drunk too much the Angels offer them water, if someone takes their shoes off as they’re hurting the Angels give them flip-flops, and if someone has become separated from their friends or is upset the Angels will provide emotional help and support and make sure they are not left alone.

Teams are out Friday and some Saturdays from 10pm - 3am. They wear bright yellow jackets labelled Street Angel to make themselves known to the public, and work alongside other agencies to provide practical care, listening ears and look out for people.


Volunteer Katie Waters says “On patrol we look out for people that are vulnerable, and often walk about 3 miles a night to keep an eye on various areas, so we ask that any volunteers are reasonably fit and healthy- but apart from that anyone can apply!”

“Over the course of an hour or a few hours you see someone be helped by what you’re doing and manage to get home or be reunited with their friends. It’s really rewarding, it’s things like that that make you want to keep doing it.”

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