Wagner: 'No Limits' For Town This Season

David Wagner

Listen to the thoughts of the Huddersfield Town head coach before their first game in the Premier League away at Crystal Palace.

Huddersfield Town head coach David Wagner says he hasn't put any limits on what his team can achieve this season.

The Terriers make their first foray in to the Premier League on Saturday away at Crystal Palace.

Town earned their right to play top flight football after winning the Championship play-off final back in May against Reading.

Wagner said: "We will not give ourselves any limits. It doesn't make any sense.

"We are very excited to test ourselves to see how far we can go.

"We know exactly where we have come from and how big the gap is finiancially; but we also know that we have the right to play in the Premier League.

"If we can say at the end of the season, that we as a group and as a football club, that we performed at our maximum, then we will be very happy."

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