West Yorkshire's Emergency Services Call For 'Patience' During Serious Road Accidents

The Police, Fire and Air Ambulance services are coming together to promote Road Safety Week.

To mark Road Safety Week, emergency services including West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and Yorkshire Air Ambulance have joined together to offer a unique insight into the work of the emergency services when at the scene of a collision.

A video features PC Wayne Mason, firefighter John Arey and chief pilot Steve Waudby, talking about their role at the scene and why they would require a road to be closed.

The idea for the video came from a firefighter who was distressed after seeing members of the public filming the scene of a fatal road traffic collision he attended.

PC Wayne Mason from West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit said: “It can be frustrating when you are stuck in traffic because the road ahead is closed but we don’t take these decisions lightly.

“We want to educate members of the public about the reasons why we sometimes need to close the road and why it can take some time to reopen.

“Ultimately it’s all about safety; we need to make sure the people caught up in these incidents are as safe as possible and also to keep other road users safe.

“You will eventually get home tonight, but their loved ones may not.”

Firefighter John Arey said: “We want to remind the public that we’re there to help make everyone as safe as possible, which then can allow police to get the roads open and moving again.

“I have been really saddened by a small minority of people at the scene of accidents, who have driven past filming and videoing on their phones.

“As well as being dangerous, and creating the risk of causing another accident it’s also really disrespectful. Imagine if it was your loved one lying injured or killed and people were trying to film them – it’s awful.”

Steve Waudby, Chief Pilot of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, said: “While we understand that road closures can be an inconvenience, please bear with us and allow us to do our jobs.  The closures are there for both the safety of the public and also the emergency services personnel. 

“There are many dangers and considerations to landing an aircraft on the motorway and it is important that the landing site is safe and secure. 

“Our service is there to help to try and save lives, or at least provide the very best medical care for the patient concerned.  Sadly, in some cases, it is not always the positive outcome we’d hope for, and we urge members of the public to be considerate of this.

“Road closures are only a temporary measure, but from the moment a patient is involved in an accident, their lives and their families lives will have been changed forever.  It is important that we remember this.  You will make it home eventually – unfortunately the patient involved may not be so lucky.”

You can see the video here:

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