Who's The Richest Person In Yorkshire?

Robert Miller

The Sunday Times Rich List 2019 has now been published.

Robert Miller is the richest person in Yorkshire, according to the new edition of The Sunday Times Rich List.

The 156-page special edition of The Sunday Times Magazine reveals the wealth of the 1,000 richest people in Britain in its 31st annual edition.

Miller retains his position as the richest person in Yorkshire, a £200m increase securing his top ranking with a £2.2bn fortune. The Massachusetts-born entrepreneur has a London home and the 36,000-acre Gunnerside shooting estate in North Yorkshire.

Brothers Eddie and Malcolm Healey remain ranked second in Yorkshire with a combined fortune of £1.648bn, up £48m on last year. Alongside his East Yorkshire estate, Malcolm owns Wren Kitchens and Lincolnshire based Ebuyer, an online electronics retailer.

The Morrisons supermarket fortune makes a return to the Rich List in 2019. New to the list are William Morrison, 43, and Eleanor Kerninghan, 45, children of the late Sir Ken Morrison who built the £5.38bn Morrisons chain.


The Sunday Times Yorkshire Rich List 2019

1 Robert Miller and Princess Marie-Chantal and family (2019 wealth: £2.2bn)

2 Eddie and Malcolm Healey (£1.648bn)

3 Tony Murray and family (£1.24bn)

4 Lord Kirkham and family (£1.15bn)

5 Paul Sykes (£770m)

6 William Morrison and Eleanor Kernighan and family (£700m)

7 Richard Harpin (£531m)

8 Philip Meeson (£497m)

9 Terry Bramall and family (£425m)

10= Roderick Evans and family (£400m)

10= Jack Tordoff and family (£400m)

12 Peter Wilkinson (£390m)

13 Steve Parkin (£370m)

14 John Guthrie and family (£310m)

15 Alan Lewis (£294m)

16= David Hood (£283m)

16= Dean and Janet Hoyle (£283m)

18 Doug Gregory (£270m)

19 Sir Malcolm Walker and family (£265m)

20 The Shepherd family (£262m)

Robert Watts, the Compiler of The Sunday Times Rich List, said: “This list shows the hard-grafting Yorkshire entrepreneur is very much alive and well.

“Their number includes a former tyre-fitter, a one-time coal miner and several people who left school with barely a qualification to their name.

“Starting and growing your own business is rarely easy, especially amid the current political deadlock in Westminster and turbulence on the stock market. But these individuals and families show what imagination, determination and a sprinkle of Yorkshire grit can achieve.”

The soon-to-be former owner of Huddersfield Town owner Dean Hoyle reports the only loss in this year’s Yorkshire Rich List top 20, down £7m from last year.

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