Yorkshire The UK's 'Vaping Capital'

More people here use E-cigarettes or similar than anywhere else in the country.

24% of people in Yorkshire use e-cigarettes - the highest percentage in the country.

But two-in-five find those who use vapers inconsiderate and annoying, according to new research. Half admitted to being confused over vaping rules.

Someone in the UK switches to using a vaper every four minutes and there are now 2.2 million users.

Etiquette experts Debrett's have teamed up with Vype to now create a guide on the social rules of vaping!

Katherine Lewis, from Debrett's, told Pulse 1 & Pulse 2: "It has only been the last five years that it has become mainstream, but it is now about opening a dialogue as to what is acceptable and not - especially as there are no official guidelines.

"The big no's are vaping in a confined space - like lifts and cars. The other one is vaping in a restaurant.

"And there needs to be just general awareness. Don't just blow vape clouds into someone's face!"

The top 10 faux pas, which are dragging down puff politeness, are:

1. Vaping in a confined space   

2. Vaping in a restaurant  

3. Vaping during a job interview   

4. Blowing vapour in someone's face  

5. Vaping in your car without permission 

6. Vaping in a queue

7. Vaping in your home without permission

8. Vaping on public transport

9. Vaping while making someone's dinner

10. Vaping in bed


Listen to Katherine Lewis speaking to Pulse 1 & Pulse 2's James Crossling below:

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