Electricity Songs!

Thanks for all your electricity songs/singers & groups. Like these...

Nothing Amperes To You
Wire Wire Wire Delilah
It’s Faraday I’m In Love
I Shocked The Sheriff
We Can Circuit Out
If Fuse Don’t Know Me By Now
Watts Love Got To Do With It
Socket Man
Itchycoo Spark
Wired For Sound
Glow Now
Eight Tazer Week
Talking About My Generator
Ohm On The Range
Fuse That Girl
N-Power Of Love
Brass In Socket
Everybody Hertz
I Amp What I Amp
Py-Lonnie Donegan 
Circuits In The Sand
MacArthur Spark
Dancing In The Spark
Yes Surge, I Can Boogie
The First Powercut Is The Deepest
I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Fuse
Hydro Silver Lining

The Wanderer by E-On

Kings of Neon

Bird On A Wire

A Good Arc Is Hard To Find

One More Light

I Want To Breaker Free

Adam & The Amps

40 Watt Bright Eyes

Land Of Rediffussion

Electric Light Bulb Orchestra - Diary Of Horace Amp

Watts New Pussycat

Switchycoo Arc

Switchycoo Spark

Fuse Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

Feargal Sparky