Plumbing Songs

Thanks for your plumbing related singers songs and groups. Amazing work as always!

The Heat is Off, Poops Upside Your Head, Last Night A Bidet Sprayed My Wife, Baby Drain, Last Drain To Clarksville, Ensuite Child O'Mine, Another Drip On The Wall, Flush, Mama Told Me Not to Plumb, Cistern Sledge, Gladys Knight & The Drips, Pipeout, Since U-Bend Been Gone, Cistern Addict, Hose That Girl, Hose Of The Rising Sun, Wuthering Pipes, Flushdance, Plunger Pressure, Sink Baby Sink, Toi-Let It Be,Hey Big Ubender, Joe BallCocker, In The Midnight Shower, Spannerdeau Ballet, Wrench Kissing In The USA, 8 Days A Leak, Loo Rolls, LooLoo, There's A Kind Of Flush, Lily The Sink/Stink, Orinochho OverFlow, Up Around The UBend, Ray)diator) Stevens, Cisterns Are Doing It For Themselves, Bog Scaggs, Runaway Drain, Hello Mary Loo, urinal Cake By The Ocean, Drains & Boats & Planes, Bath In The USSR, Hit Me With Your Loofah Stick -  Ian Dury & The Blockage, Flush & The Pan - Waiting For The Drain, Cannon & Ballcock, Loo Fighters, Hose Sorry Now, Dyno-Rod Stewart, Downtown Drain, Bog Stewart, Bog Dylan, I Should Be So Leaky, Sewerage Quatro, New Kids On The Blockage, Babba, Unblockbuster by EnSweet (sic), Sink Baby Sink, Flangie, Help,