Hi Ho Hi Ho to Halifax

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s off to Halifax I Go…. Snow White is on now at The Victoria Theatre Halifax til January 5th and I had the pleasure of enjoying the show with my family last week.

Not long after curtain up, the ensemble and 10th year Victoria Theatre Panto veteran Neil Hurst belted out ‘This is the greatest show’ and they weren’t wrong.

It was a first time panto experience for my niece who is 4 and I did wonder how she’d get on with it and how she would react to live theatre rather than the TV! 
I needn’t have worried as she seemed such a pro shouting at the top of her voice ‘He’s behind you’ and booing the Wicked Queen like it was the most natural thing for her to do on a Friday night.

Snow White has everything you could wish for in a pantomime; the magic mirror, a wondrously Wicked Queen played by Felicity Skiera it’s not her first time in Halifax but it is her first for playing a villain and she did it so convincingly. Then you have Snow White played by Jess Pritchard, Neil Hurst as Jingles the Jester, Jolyon Dixon taking the role of Dame Dolly Mixture and Sam Willison as Prince Michael.

Celebrating 10 years in Halifax this year, Neil Hurst is always a delight to watch; packing the show with plenty of gags, slapstick comedy, voice tricks and jokes for the adults; he truly looks like he is having the best time on stage which helps the audience have the best time too.

Neil manages to bring a real personable feel to the show, and his character, helped by his local knowledge and poking fun at it - Snow White is set in Cleckhuddersfax don’t you know! He even lovingly points to his Panto buddy in Bradford taking a seat in the audience saying  ‘I love a good Panto, when’s Billy on’!

The whole cast and ensemble entertain in both dance and song (and there were some great songs Dancing On The Ceiling, Greatest Showman and We Are Family to name but a few) but they also excel with their puppetry skills introducing us to the 7 dwarves.

Everything you expect from a panto you get here, including the hilarious slapstick scene between the Dame and the Jester, a tradition for Halifax, plus pranks thrown in throughout that I hope my niece and nephew don’t replicate when I see them next!

The best review for the show has to be seeing the joy and emotion felt by the audience, for me this was purely measured by my 4 year old niece who not only laughed and heckled throughout (in the right places I'd like to add), she even cried buckets at the end because it had finished.  

Snow White - A pantomime that’s personable, funny and downright Calderdale-Tastic - go see it before Jan 5th.