Matilda The Musical - Review

Winning 85 awards so far, you know you are in for a treat when Matilda The Musical appears on home turf.
On at The Alhambra, Bradford until March 23rd (the only Yorkshire venue on the tour) this show is a must see, especially if you have little Matilda’s of your own!

My ‘plus one’ for the night was my 8 year old nephew who is a fan of Roald Dahl books and he was most looking forward to seeing the ‘Chokey’. In preparation for the show he had even perfected his ‘Matilda’ stance, I tried but fell a little short, as you can see! 

As someone who read the book as a child, which now seems a long time ago, the production stays true to the Roald Dahl original keeping iconic and memorable moments such as the newt in the water, the big chocolate cake gorging session and Miss Trunchbull swinging children by their pigtails.
Other story elements are added but they fit so well you question whether it featured in the book after all.

Matilda is a Royal Shakespeare Company production with music and lyrics from the super talented Tim Minchin which is a perfect fit; cleverly integrating the face paced lyrically heavy numbers with equally fast paced energetic choreography. There is a lot for the cast to remember and execute but they do it so well. It is in these moments that you forget how young some of the cast are as their execution is exemplary.

My Nephew was so excited for the second half that he downed his orange juice in the interval, turned down a Matilda cupcake and rushed out of the press area ready to take to his seat for more Chokey action.

The set is varied and transforms seamlessly from a classroom scene one minute to the Wormwood’s living room the next without you even noticing.
There’s plenty clever tricks and stunts throughout too. I did wonder how Bruce’s huge chocolate cake disappeared before our very eyes but my nephew worked it out and said … 'it’s in his belly - dur!'

Expect outstanding performances from Matilda (which was Nicola Turner for this performance one of 4 Matilda's on tour) a towering terrifying Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey is as sweet as you remember from the book.

The evening ended with a a tear of joy from me and a standing ovation for Matilda and the rest of the cast, plus a hint of a pantomime boo and hiss for Miss Trunchbull, Elliot Harper.

An energetic captivating production from a super talented cast. Make the time over the next 4 weeks to see this show here in Yorkshire whilst you can!

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