Spa Time!

Sam Pearce the Director of The Potting Shed Spa in Batley popped in for a chat to talk about her spa featuring on next weeks episode of SPA Wars on ITVbe.
Rylan Clark-Neal narrates the competitive beauty series (from the Producers of GoggleBox) which pits three rival salon owners against each other.

We chatted about the TV show (well, the bits we could before the episode airs on Weds 9th August) and the many misconceptions about spas and beauty treatments and those 'always wondered' type questions when it comes to treatments to make you look good! 

We chatted about the quickest way to knock years off you (it's a surprising non evasive quick fix!), the fact that more and more blokes are visiting spas and how we are time poor and we need to make more time for ourselves (especially us women!) 

To listen to our full chat press play