About Jacqui Blay

Jacqui Blay has been part of the Pulse family for over 17 years starting her professional radio career on our sister station Pulse 1.

There our Jacqui presented almost every show starting off with the Pulse Party, then  the Evening Show before a 3 year stint on the Breakfast Show!  The 
4am alarm calls weren't ideal so Jacqui spent next last 6 years on a much more sociable slot on Pulse 1 Drivetime. 

For the past few years Jacqui has been your host on the Mid Morning show on Pulse 2 playing The Greatest Hits of All Time.

Some Semi-Interesting things about Jacqui...

She loves to tweet. 
It's quite addictive is old twitter, I joined a few years ago with the idea that it was just a load of rubbish and that it's 'not as good as Facebook' but I am hooked. I love to be nosy and read what people are up to, and the Twitterati are so very helpful. If you get stuck and don't know what to do... ask twitter! If you love twitter too feel free to follow my random ramblings and pointless twit pics @jacquiblay @pulse2radio

She used to be a bingo caller (yes really)
I did, I loved it too. I was working during my A-Levels at Mecca Bingo in Dewsbury and started off as reception staff until the guys there found out I wasn't scared to talk down a microphone. Then the glitzy suit jacket came out and I started calling the numbers 'Key To The Door!'

She thinks she's a Domestic Goddess
I like to watch the odd Masterchef so I can get a little carried away thinking 'I can Do That' sadly I can't but I try and don't do too badly in the kitchen.  Just don't ask me to make Carrot Soup...