It's a Dogs Life - Terms & Conditions

x1 Full Day Doggy pass for one dog*- Can be used once per week for 6 months Excluding Weekends
To claim your prize all dogs must pass a behaviour assessment carried our by It’s a Dogs Life Centre management before prize can be redeemed.
*Behaviour Assessment Booking:
All winners will have been notified no later than 21st October 2018 by the Pulse Crew
Winners will have within 7 days (COP 28th October) to contact It’s a dogs life to arrange their dogs behaviour assessment
All assessments must have happened with full behaviour approval by It’s a Dogs life manager before 11th November, not adhering to theses dates will result in the withdrawal of the prize

In addition to the behaviour assessment:
Your dog can not attend unless they are fully vaccinated with kennel cough covered (Vet documents must be provided)
All aged dogs welcomed but male dogs over 9 month must be Neutered
All bitches in season can not attend It’s a Dogs Life Centre at anytime (Missed weeks based on this can not be redeemed at a later stage or stored up)
If your dog does not meet these requirements this will result in the withdrawal of the prize

Pass Expiry dates:
All Day pass prizes can be redeemed from w/c Monday 12th November 2018 and will expire Sunday 12th May 2019 (Regardless of your behaviour assessment date approval)
Storing days up will not be permitted, if your week is missed that day pass will expire

In addition to the Day pass you will also receive
Unlimited access to all available Dog social sessions
Sessions running between 12th Nov 2018 up until Sunday 12th May 2019
(Socials can run up to twice a week but are not guaranteed and may change week on week)

x1 free groom
(Includes Bath, groom, nails and ears)
Can be used anytime between 5th Nov 2018 and 28th April 2019 (Excluding the full Month of December and Weekends)

It’s a dogs life lovely doggy treat goodie bag on arrival of their first day care session.